From “F” to “B+” In My Programming Course

It is August 19, 2019, a bright sunny day. I got up took a bath and start preparing for my orientation day. Yup, you got that right it’s my first day at University. I started my journey and after traveling about 30 minutes there it is in the swaying fields of Loonaywala there stands a magnificent building with its matchless architecture and its glowing blue glass the place where I was about to start the four years of a roller coaster ride which was going to get complex beyond my expectations.

After that orientation day, my university life has never been so kind to me getting an immense amount of work on a daily basis and wasn’t able to manage that workload at all. Everything was getting messy and the consequences of my bad decision in choosing the degree without even considering my own interest started coming at a dread fast pace. Me who was already struggling at university, struck by another demon C++ Programming which was by far beyond my understandings and the other thing which was adding fuel to the fire was my lab instructor who was like a hell of a strict instructor.

So my problems were increasing day by day and they were supposed to be solved yet they were increasing. I was so disturbed mentally and physically that I started thinking of dropping my degree and started thinking of something else because I was seeing my future self in dark. The programming had struck me hard, that I was not ready to bear its consequences but yet I have to face them. I started losing hope I was dishearted by things I was trying hard but nothing was getting better. So In the meanest time, there comes December means my Semester Finals I wasn’t prepared so I gave the papers and got my result, yeah you got that right from the title it was a BOLD “F”. Man! that day I was so devastated and disappointed and was spending that day with a blank mind having no idea what am gonna do next.

So what could be next? rather than giving it a try again. So I gave it one more try but this time I also decided that I won’t let things go the same way they went before. And this time I wanted to make things right so I didn’t give up on me and my bad coding and keep trying, again and again, this time again things went wrong for some time and the situation made me quit social media so that I can relax my mind for a moment in the day which I get to spent alone rather than going through my feed and fake emotions of people and fake wills, thinking of everything in a materialistic way or what we can say a materialistic approach to this world.

But this time I didn’t let my fear overcome me. I decided to control things and situations rather than letting them control me. I studied hard and appeared in semester finals again with full spirit and went from a failure to a point what I call success. Because for me from the situations, I went through it was nothing less than an accomplishment for me. This whole story might not seem extraordinary or motivational to you but sometimes sharing your stories your words make you feel better and lighthearted. And you actually don’t even know what gets people motivated even sometimes your small words can help people go through their desperate times. So, keep sharing stories no matter how small or simple they are because as I said earlier you really never know what gets people motivated.

Best Regards.